Vintage 90s Bundle Pack


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This “Vintage 90s Bundle” contains 105 samples from 9 sample packs/ Over 1 GIG of samples

  • Emotions VOL 4 (17 sounds) 

    Reflection (10 sounds)
    Motion VOL 3 (10 sounds)
     Legends VOL 4 (10 sounds) 
    Legends VOL 3 (16 sounds) 
    Motion VOL 2 (10 Sounds) 
    Odessey (10 Sounds)
    Legends Vol 2 (10 Sounds)
    Soulful Chop VOL 4 (18 Sounds)

    The Sample Pack contains chopped samples from old records in genre of Soul, Blues, Japanese Pop and Jazz. All samples are perfectly chopped and ready to be used.

    – Every pack has the names of original songs for the samples.
    – Samples are BPM & Key labeled.
    – This bundle is the ultimate choice for every producer to create truly outstanding instrumentals!
    – Packs are organized by style, genres and mood.
    Includes over 1 Gb of files, all ready for using