Vintage 90s Bundle Pack


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  • This “Vintage 90s Bundle” contains 109 samples from 9 sample packs/ Over 1 GIG of samples

    Soulfire VOL 4 (10 sounds) 

    Poetry VOL 4 (10 sounds)
    Origins VOL 4 (18 sounds) 
    Radio City (10 sounds)
    Origins VOL 3 (10 sounds) 
    Voices VOL 2 (10 sounds) 
    Vox (20 Sounds) 
    Desperado (10 Sounds)
    Monster (11 Sounds)

    The Sample Pack contains chopped samples from old records in genre of Soul, Blues, Japanese Pop and Jazz. All samples are perfectly chopped and ready to be used.

    – Every pack has the names of original songs for the samples.
    – Samples are BPM & Key labeled.
    – This bundle is the ultimate choice for every producer to create truly outstanding instrumentals!
    – Packs are organized by style, genres and mood.
    Includes over 1 Gb of files, all ready for using